The Love Account



There is a well-known analogy called the love account. In the love account, you make credits by bringing happiness to your wife. You then make debits by pissing your wife off. If your wife tells you she loves silver hoop earrings and you buy her silver hoop earrings, this will put a credit in your love account. But if you buy her gold hoop earrings, this will cause a debit from your love account. You need to listen to what she really wants. If she wants you to be home more to watch movies and snuggle. But you want to buy her a diamond tennis bracelet by working overtime. You have just failed. You didn’t listen to what your wife really wanted. You did what you thought your wife really wanted. And the bigger your screw up, the larger the debit in your love account. And if your account is overdrawn for a certain amount of time, your wife will close the account.