How NOT to screw up Valentine’s Day


vd2It is Valentine’s Day, and every woman in the office has flowers. The delivery guy is working overtime to get all the flowers delivered. Every desk has flowers on it. But how special is it when everyone has flowers on their desk? Remember back in school when your parent sent something special to you. Or even if they didn’t, imagine the feeling of being the only kid in class that got delivered a gallon of ice cream and a spoon. Everyone is looking and wondering why you are so special. This is what happens if you send flowers any other day than Valentine’s Day.

Yes, your wife feels special getting flowers on Valentine’s Day. But imagine if you sent flowers on a random Monday, with a card that said, “Three years ago today, I made you dinner for the first time. I was so scared thinking you might not like it. I wanted to impress you so much. I hope these flowers impress you today. I want you to know I was thinking about you. I love you deeply.” It doesn’t really matter if the day is correct. You can make up any excuse for sending the flowers. It doesn’t really matter; you just want it to be mushy and something that shows you think about her often.woman_with_flowers

Now the delivery guy has your flowers and note ready to deliver to her work. The way it works at my wife’s job, the receptionist calls her up to the front, and then my wife carries the flowers back to her desk. So on this random Monday, nobody else has flowers except your wife. She gets back to her desk and reads the card while a group of other women gather around. They all say what a great husband she has. And if she feels amazing, you will feel amazing. This is “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Here is a simple idea for a great Valentines evening. You can look at photos from your first dates up till now. Have a few glasses of wine and go through them together, reminiscing about funny stories. You can send digital images to CVS from your phone, and have them printed out in just a few minutes. Be creative and hand make cards for each. Your terrible drawing of the stupid waiter that spilled wine on the table, with a photo inside of a selfie you took minutes before, will give her a smile so big it will hurt. And then tell her she looks just as beautiful today as she did then. Pick up a marriage photo and tell her that you would marry her all over again, and that it was the best day of your life. Wives love for their husbands to put thought and effort into days like this. And it is really a much greater value than just the monetary cost.